Welcome to Triangle Health Centers | Beaumont, Texas

Triangle Health Centers specializes in the treatment of peripheral and diabetic neuropathy, knee pain, and medical weight loss in Southeast Texas’s beautiful Golden Triangle. We are a multidisciplinary medical clinic, meaning that we employ an experienced staff of medical doctors and neurologists who practice together as a team.

At Triangle Health Centers, our goal is not to mask the symptoms of your pain, but to address the underlying cause. Our medical providers have a combined 60 years of experience and have helped hundreds of patients relieve acute and chronic pain without surgery or drugs.

We are committed to pioneering and perfecting the latest techniques and treatments that provide accurate diagnoses with minimal risk and maximum results. Depending on the nature and severity of your condition, our medical providers may utilize a variety of treatment techniques such as physiotherapy, orthotics, and targeted Hyalgan® treatment.

Triangle Health Centers has been treating residents of the Beaumont area for over 15 years. Our clinic is warm, comfortable, and professional. Our wonderful staff loves coming to work and treat every patient like family. If you are experiencing neuropathy, knee pain, or are looking for weight loss solutions, call Triangle Health Centers today.